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Vaporizer Firefly 2 Jet Black
Firefly 2 is de langverwachte opvolger van een echte vape-klassieker. Handzamer, lichter, eenvoudig in gebruik en met handige technische snufjes.
14074 € 350,00 incl. 21% BTW
Vaporizer Dabbie Pro Portable E-Nail
Dabbie PRO is a portable e-nail and bubbler, designed to deliver powerful dabs of extracts and vapour oils in seconds, wherever you are.

An improvement on the original Dabbie, Dabbie PRO comes with both a ceramic nail for the best flavour, and a grade 2 titanium nail for faster heating and easier cleaning. Whatever your preference, either nail can be heated to dabbing temperature in well under a minute.

The nail is heated by a ceramic heat rod, and the nail surround at top of the device is also ceramic, so Dabbie PRO can be heated and re-heated without risk of heat damage. Its ingenious glass spill-proof bubbler with integrated dome, and magnetic carb cap and dabber make the dabbing process simple and speedy. The powerful "proper" dabs that Dabbie PRO serves up are even more satisfying than those delivered by the original model, making it the perfect choice for anyone with a serious interest in inhaling dense vapours from tiny dabs of concentrated legal oils and extracts.

Not much bigger than a Storm Vaporizer Pen, Dabbie is powered by a replaceable 18650 battery, which packs enough power for up to 40 dabs, and is easily charged by micro-USB, or by a Nitecore external charger (sold separately). Included is a padded metal flight case to keep your precious Dabbie PRO and bubbler safe and sound as you travel. If you're travelling light, a stripped-down Dabbie can easily be carried in your jacket pocket, with no risk of spillage from the spill-proof bubbler!

Here at Vapefiend, we were impressed with the original Dabbie, but Dabbie PRO blew us away! When "great value" e-nail packages can cost in excess of £200, not including bubbler, Dabbie PRO's quality and price point is pretty much unbeatable. A device that delivers the e-nail experience at a much lower price, yet is safer and simpler to operate. You get a proper dab with Dabbie PRO, wherever you are!

The titanium nail reaches approx 600°F/315°C
The ceramic nail reaches approx 580°F/304°C

If you prefer a hotter dab, re-heating the nail will increase the temperature by 100°F/38°C each time, this can be done up to 5 times before the unit should be allowed to cool fully.

What's in the box
1 x Dabbie PRO Portable E-nail
1 x Lithium Ion Battery
1 x Magnetic Stainless Steel Carb Cap with Removable Dabber Tool
1 x Magnetic stand
1 x Grade 2 Titanium Nail
1 x Ceramic Nail
1 x USB Charging Cable
1 x Spill-proof glass bubbler tube
1 x Dabbie Silicone Container
1 x Flight Case
13747 € 155,00 incl. 21% BTW
Vapor genie Maple
The Classic VaporGenie pipe is our original model we have been making for years.

Bottom and top are made of Maple wood.
The bowl, screen and filter top threads are all made of stainless steel.
Measures 4.5 inches from mouthpiece tip to the center of the bowl. The classic is shorter (lengthwise) than the handcarved VaporGenie pipe by about 1 inch.
The black mouthpiece is optional and can easily be removed by simply pulling it out.
Ceramic filter is removable/replaceable. Removal is only necessary if soot needs to be cleaned (which should never be necessary).
Mouthpiece borehole is 1/4" diameter. We recommend cleaning with 1/4" stainless steel brush.
Do NOT clean with solvents or soapy water. Solvents will damage the wood.
06635 € 59,95 incl. 21% BTW
Vaporizer Haze Dual V3, orchid purple
The World's First Dual Chamber Vaporizer for ultimate portability and the most versatile vaping experience. Compatible with all material types such as dry herbs, e-liquids, wax and thick concentrates, the newly designed Haze Dual V3 Portable Vaporizer is the most versatile machine in the market today with the pre-pack material concept.

LED temperature setting display;
Uses advanced technology to heat on demand;
The first and only dual bowl vaporizer on the market (patented feature);
Can use dry herbs and/or oil and wax interchangeably;
Strong, Long-Lasting external Lithium Ion battery;
Extremely light weight and discreet;
4 different temperature settings;
Patented heat-exchange mechanism, for cool vapor output;
10 year warranty.
- Includes:
- 1 x Haze Dual V3 Vaporizer
- 1 x Stainless Steel Mouthpiece
- 1 x Glass Mouthpiece
- 2 x Conduction Stainless Steel Screens
- 2 x Convection Stainless Steel Screens
- 1 x Concentrate Can

- 1 x Dry Material Can
- 2 x 2600 mAh Rechargeable Li-Ion Batteries
- 1 x Wall Charger
- 1 x Cleaning tool
- 1 x Material tool
- 1 x User Manual
13044 € 239,95 incl. 21% BTW
Vaporizer Flashvape Silver
1x FlashVAPE™ Turbo Vaporizer (SILVER Edition)
1x S2 Convection Ceramic Spacer
2x Hi Capacity 3.2v Li-ion Batteries
1x Smart Quick Charger
2x Glass Draw Tubes
2x Flexible Silicon Tube Attachment
1x Multi-purpose Brush
1x Deluxe Velvet Carrying Bag
10082 € 119,95 incl. 21% BTW
Vaporizer HerbalAire H3
HerbalAire H3 Vaporizer - Vaporizer System
Uses: Dry HerbsType: Desktop | Digital
13492 € 199,95 incl. 21% BTW
Vaporizer VapCap M (2018 Version)
Vaporizer VapCap M ( version 2018)
15604 € 59,00 incl. 21% BTW
Vaporizer Da Vinci IQ blue
With the IQ’s mouthpiece, we have elevated purity levels for flavor. Using a 100% ceramic zirconia air path and only the highest quality materials, the mouthpiece allows the user to draw out the purest flavor you’ll ever taste from a vaporizer.

Staying true with our innovative legacy on perfecting the purest flavor a vaporizer can produce, the IQ is definitely one of the best vaporizer you can get your hands on.

The IQ’s Smart Path Technology allows the user to select 4 different temp settings which lets the device automatically set the best temperature for your vaping sessions. Pick a setting, use it and enjoy – it’s that simple and smart.

Following our pursuit for perfect vapor, the IQ also is the only vaporizer that combines 3 different functions – Smart Path mode, Precision mode and Boost mode. All 3 modes guide the user through a tailored vapor experience or to let them craft their own.

The IQ is an app-enabled device that allows the user to have full control over their sessions. You would be able to track your Smart Path usage and see other important information of your device.

The app help extends the capabilities of your IQ which makes it more powerful and smarter. Have you seen a vaporizer turn on by using your phone? You do now with the IQ.
MISP-401BL € 259,95 incl. 21% BTW
Flowermate V5.0 Nano, Black
Fully Functional Temperature Control
Introducing the Flowermate V5 Nano. Evolving from the Flowermate V5 Pro Mini, the V5 Nano is the latest in portable aromatherapy technology. Featuring a removable 18650 battery, the Nano puts the user in direct control of the longevity of the device. As before, this unit is perfect for on-the-go use with heat up time for the Nano as rapid as 30 seconds. The size of the unit makes it ultra-discreet and easy to conceal. Other key features include those found throughout the V5 series such as a borosilicate mouthpiece that can be disassembled and tucked into the actual device for easy storage and less smell, large chamber for single or group sessions, and fully isolated air path to ensure a clean and pure taste of the material being consumed.


Black Ceramic Chamber
Removable Battery
Travel Friendly Design
Full Temperature Control
Easy Load Funne
Color: Black

Flowermate V5.0 Nano
Borosilicate Glas Mouthpiece
USB Rapid Charger Cable
5 Mouthpiece and Chamber screens
Flowermate Lithiumion 18650 2500mAh Battery
Liquid/Waxy Pod
Medium Stainless Steel Pod
Loading Cap
Maintenance Kit and Accessories

?Supports herbs & extracts
?Removable lithium battery
?Brushed aluminium body
?Removable stainless steel vapour channel
?Four pre-defined temperatures
?Sleek, stylish and exceptional design
?Unprecedented vapour flavour & density
?5 year standard warranty (2-year for battery)

?Prima portable vaporizer
?Cleaning tool
?Plug brush
?Mesh screens
?Cap screens
?Charging cord
?Battery charger
?Power supply
?Cap sleeve
?Instruction manual (English)
MISP-400BK € 139,95 incl. 21% BTW
Vaporizer Pax 2 Brushed Charcoal
PAX 2 Vaporizer

De prachtige nieuwe PAX 2 van Ploom heeft een nieuw strak design en heeft een maximaal 30% langere levensduur van de batterij, een diepere, RVS vulkamer met verbeterde gelijke verwarming om optimale damp te produceren. Ondanks het verbeterde ontwerp van de PAX 2 is hij 25% kleiner en 10% lichter dan de originele PAX verdamper.

PAX 2 - Smart Technology

Nu met vier temperatuur instellingen, heeft de PAX 2 nieuwe lip-sensing, motion-sensing, en auto-koeltechnieken die intuïtief zelf kracht en de temperatuur bij gebruik optimaliseren. Net als de originele PAX, heeft de PAX 2 een eenvoudige knop interface dat hem gemakkelijk maakt om te gebruiken. Nieuwe eigenschappen zijn het magnetische opladen via een USB-dock, een vernieuwd non-popup mondstuk, en een efficiëntere batterij die de PAX 2 in minder dan een minuut opwarmt, en tegelijkertijd het leven van de batterij verbetert. Net als de originele PAX, heeft de PAX 2 de populaire 'Party Mode' functie.

De PAX 2 is pocket ready, en met zijn nieuwe ontwerp is het nog gemakkelijker om hem mee te nemen onderweg. Met 4 temperatuurinstellingen, is het gemakkelijk om uw blends te verwarmen tot de gewenste temperatuur.

De PAX 2 in gebruik

Verwijder eerst het magnetische ovendeksel en vul de kamer met uw gegrinde aromatherapie materialen (wij adviseren een fijne maling voor de PAX en PAX 2). Verwijder het ovendeksel en zet de PAX 2 aan. Houd de bovenste knop ingedrukt om de temperatuur te wijzigen. Het lampje gaat paars branden wanneer het verwarmen begint, en wordt groen wanneer de gewenste termperatuurinstelling is bereikt. Nu met motion sensing, zal de PAX 2 in stand-by mode komen te staan wanneer niet in gebruik, wat levensduur van de batterij en uw materiaal in de kamer conserveert. PAX 2 laad op in 2-3 uur via USB of AC muur adapter en heeft een oplaadstation voor uw gemak.
P2D2077 € 149,99 incl. 21% BTW
Vaporizer Pax 3 Matte Rose Gold Device Only
A true dual-use vaporizer for dry herb and extract. Elevate your vapor experience to the highest degree with industry-leading heat technology, extended battery life, and a 2X powerful oven.
P3D2053 € 199,95 incl. 21% BTW
Vaporizer Pax 3 Matte Teal Device Only
A true dual-use vaporizer for dry herb and extract. Elevate your vapor experience to the highest degree with industry-leading heat technology, extended battery life, and a 2X powerful oven.
P3D2051 € 199,95 incl. 21% BTW
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