Jet Flash Smoking System
Waterpijpen Glas
Jet Flash Smoking System

Whirling smoke, using the 'Venturi system', begins in the small nozzles in the body of the chamber.

The design of the funnel body aerates the smoke, cooling it and making it easier to inhale. The same air intake holes along the shoulders of the pipe force the smoke away from the walls and keep the funnel body clean

The Jet Flash allows it's users to switch between a Taster Head, a standard spoon and a Bubbler Head Adapter. The Keck Clip keeps the adapters heads from falling off.

The complete 'Jet-Flash' 7 piece kit, comes with a glass bowl; mouth piece & chamber, a joint holder for using when smoking joints or cigarettes, (this joint adapter can also work as an 'One Hit' adaptor or with the 2-part adaptor / head which allows Jet-Flash Smoke System to be used with a bong or water-pipe.

Bubbler Head with 6 Slit Diffused Down stem Included Spoon Pipe Adapter Included Taster Head Adapter Included Keck Clip Included Green Jet Flash Label
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