EZ Test GHB - Tube Single Pack
EZ Test brings test kits that protect you from the dangers of adulterated drugs. Testing drugs before you take them is the smart thing to do and it should be as normal as using a condom, You wouldn't have unprotected sex either, would you?

The popularity of GHB has skyrocketed over the last couple of years, leading to a ban on the sale of certain precursors that are needed to make this substance. As a result you could be buying untreated GBL, an industrial chemical that is used as a sticker remover. Ingesting pure GBL can be very dangerous., EZ Test for GHB enables to quickly identify the presence of GHB in a sample. It does NOT react to GBL.

- Quickly identify the presence of GHB in a sample
- This test does NOT react to GBL
- Contain 1 test, detailed instruction and a color chart

- EZ Test GHB - Tube Single Pack
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