EZ Test Heroin Purity - Tube Single Pack
EZ Test brings test kits that protect you from the dangers of adulterated drugs. Testing drugs before you take them is the smart thing to do and it should be as normal as using a condom, You wouldn't have unprotected sex either, would you?

The Heroin Purity Test enables you to quickly get an idea about the purity of the heroin. This test is very insensitive to the usual cuts such as mannitol and other known cutting agents that are commonly found in heroin and can't tell you anything about the identity of the substance that may have been used for cutting the sample.

- Determine the purity of the heroin quickly
- When in contact with heroin, the bottom layer will reveal a yellow/orangey color which becomes darker when there is more heroin present in the sample
- You will have your result within seconds! Contain 1 test, detailed instruction and a color chart.

- EZ Test Heroin Purity - Tube Single Pack
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