Test your cocain - with the RED-E-Drop cocaine testing solution! The Red-E-Drop is the smaller packing of the RED-E-METER cocaine testing solution. The RED-E-Drop is a very easy to use cocaine testing liquid and allows everybody to test his cocaine. Take a common translucent water drinking glas and place it upside down. Place now one drop of the Red-E-Drop cocaine testing solution on the bottom and add a knife point of the sample into the drop. All immediately turning blue is cocaine, all the rest is cut-off. For ca.1-3 tests.Test your cocain - The ultimate Cocaine Quality & Purity Tester Crest Research Labs: 3 ml - Test Solution Quick & easy and reliable for up to 50 tests.

Direction of use: For a correct result you need a clear glass surface. Place one drop of the RED solution on the glass and put a blade-tip full of test material into the drop.

Reaction: All Material which turns blue immediately is cocaine, everything else is not cocaine. Do not swallow!

- Red-E-Meter
- 50 tests
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