Original Kavatza Roll Pouch Jeans, Large, PJ36
Rol accessoires
This pouch was made for king-size cigarettes and king-size ideas – any time, any place. With a satisfying snap the pouch unfurls and everything you need is right at hand. You’re suddenly flooded by memories of nights past. It doesn’t matter what happens around you – all that counts is the heat of the moment. Your Original Kavatza moment.

- Portable and easy to take anywhere
- Designed for people who use fine-cut tobacco
- High-quality Jeans/Cotton
- One button to keep flap closed
- Quality craftsmanship: stylish and sturdy
- Stores everything you need to roll up, light up, and enjoy
- Ready-to-use anywhere: just put it on your leg or a table and roll away

Here's what's inside:
Two inner pockets for one package of loose tobacco, filter tips, lighter, etc.
- King-size paper holder
- Wooden rolling base with a rubber band to keep paper in place
- Stuffer (secured with a rubber band)

Additional information:
- Large, PJ36
- Material: Leather
- Weight: 0,075 kg
- Dimensions: 8,5 x 16,5 x 2,0 cm
- Design: Jeans

- Original Kavatza Roll Pouch
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