EZ Test MDMA Purity Kit 10-Pack
Testen en Wegen
EZ Test brings test kits that protect you from the dangers of adulterated drugs. Testing drugs before you take them is the smart thing to do and it should be as normal as using a condom, You wouldn't have unprotected sex either, would you?

The MDMA Purity Test enables you to quickly get an idea about the purity of a sample, in other words: how much of this sample is MDMA or Molly. With an accurate scale, this test, a little time and your phone you can then calculate how much MDMA is in a sample. This is the only test currently availabe that can do this and it is relatively easy to do:

- A quick way to find out how much MDMA is in a sample
- Measure the purity of your pill semi-quantitatively
- Portable and pocket-sized
- Quick and easy to use
- Reliable and accurate
- Holds 10 tests, detailed instructions and a color chart

- EZ Test MDMA Purity Kit 10-Pack
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