Pollen shakers

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Queen Bee Extractor
Pollen shakers
Queen Bee Extractor

This extractor allows you to produce pure oil from plant leftovers in less than one hour without a heat source or odours, and with little cleaning effort. It’s so easy you won’t believe your eyes!
Thanks to its new shape, more oil can be produced per gram of plant material than with the Honey Bee Extractor.

- 3 times the capacity Honey Bee
- 100% PVC free
- Assorted colors

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ACC-332 - Hashshaker Shake-Me

If you've been saving up kief from your herb grinder and it's just not piling up fast enough, then it's time to pull out the big guns and get yourself a sift box! The HashMaker couldn't be easier to use — just toss some nugs into the top compartment, screw the lid on tight and shake, shake, shake! For best results, place the Hashmaker in the freezer for about 30 minutes before using. The inside is airtight and moisture free, and the 22 micron screen will only allow the smallest, most potent particles through to the bottom collection compartment. The HashMaker comes apart into 5 pieces for easy clean-up. The top chamber has a lining that slides out releasing the screen and allowing you to adjust the tautness.

Once you have a lovely pile of pollen dust, you can press the kief into a solid piece using a pollen press or even your hands if they're burly enough. Pressing the kief into a solid piece preserves its potency, makes it portable and easy to smoke or save for another time.

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Spacecase Large crystal catcher
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Honey Bee Extractor
There are many ways to make plant oil. The Honey Bee Extractor is definitely one of the simplest devices to use for this process. It''s so easy to use and makes total sense.

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Ehle Extractor Large Ø 50/5.0 mm 35 cm
Verwijder de olien uit uw kruiden met behulp van de Ehle Extractor en een bus aanstekergas

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Ehle Extractor Medium Ø 50/5.0 mm 30 cm
Ehle Extractor Medium Ø 50/5.0 mm 30 cm

With this tool, you can gain smokable oil from your herbs. Briefly:

- fill lighter gas into the small hole at the top
- the gas will solve the gas from your herbs
- oil plus liquid gas runs through the glass frit into a collecting pan
- the gas evaporates, your fine oil remains.

We use to ad an instruction sheet to every extractor, which necessarily has to be followed (and we are serious).

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