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King Amazed Green MISP-288Gr
Red-Eye King Amazed green

Specially designed to provide an unbeatably smooth smoke, the King Amazed is a beautifully crafted hand pipe, measuring approx 14cm in length which features Red-Eye’s unique maze filtration system.
Inside of the pipe is a winding, twisted smoke path that extends many times the overall length of the pipe – in the case of the King Amazed the smoke path is approximately 55cm in length. This long smoke path cools and cleans the smoke, so that the hit that reaches your lungs is silky smooth and bursting with flavour.

The King Amazed smoking pipe is machined from top quality anodized aluminium and laser-etched with the iconic King Amazed logo. Choose from 11 striking colour schemes, including chrome.

• Length – 143mm• Anodized aluminium• 550mm maze smoke path
MISP-288GR € 89,95 incl. 21% BTW
Twist-a-Pipe Black
Twist-a-Pipe Black

Go as deep as you dare.
Is the one-hit of the Better-Bat not enough for you? Do you want more? Then here is the Twistapipe. Twistapipe is the pipe that lets you choose the depth of the pipe head and thus determine yourself the amount you smoke. Using the Twistapipe is simple; a quick twist to lock… load… burn… and eject. The pipe is ready for another load.
MISP-081BK € 14,95 incl. 21% BTW
Cigaret pinch hitter ph-8
Dug-out holder cigaret shape
MISP-014 € 4,95 incl. 21% BTW
budbomb has a built in cooling system..smoke is drawn around the inner coil which cools the smoke before it reaches you the pipe breaks down completely allowing you to clean & maintain for greatest smoking pleasure!
MISP-020 € 39,95 incl. 21% BTW
tool pipe Silver JP-6 MISP-42
Tool pipe nickle plated
MISP-042 € 7,95 incl. 21% BTW
brass pipe deluxe
Brass pipe de luxe
MISP-048 € 39,95 incl. 21% BTW
Silver Palm Leaf
MISP-065 € 45,00 incl. 21% BTW
Wickie Pipe Lighter
Wickie Pipe Lighter
MISP-073 € 49,95 incl. 21% BTW
Penpipe Aluminium 5
Penpipe aluminium 5 diff.col.
MISP-085 € 3,95 incl. 21% BTW
Dug Out small Rainbow Wood Swivel
Dug Out small Rainbow Wood Swivel
MISP-168 € 45,00 incl. 21% BTW
Bucket pipe
The Original bukket
the Bukket Pipe works like a classic gravity pipe, without the hassle and mess of using water or a bucket! Dry, portable and dishwasher safe, the Bukket Pipe is the easiest way to get the large volume hits of a gravity lung in a colorful, handy little pipe. The Bukket Pipe comes with a carrying bag and is available in various colors; your pipe may vary from the pipe shown in the photo.
MISP-250 € 27,50 incl. 21% BTW
Spliff stick Pink
Red-Eye Spliff Stik pink

The Splif Stik delivers a smooth clean smoke through 175mm 'maze' smoke path of cool solid aluminum. As the smoke passes through the Splif Stik, tar is collected in the maze path and the smoke is cooled giving you an altogether smoother smoke.

The smooth sleek design feels good in the hand and looks even better! Simply roll your 'Splif' using the metal roaches provided. This ensures a tight seal. Stik the 'Splif' in the end of the chamber, and enjoy! The hull of the top part of the chamber unscrews to allow easy access for cleaning purposes.

This makes an ideal gift and is a must have tool for any serious smoker.
MISP-281PI € 39,95 incl. 21% BTW
66 gevonden, waarvan 12 getoond.
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